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Screen read how to get Email Domains...

Graffik Addiktz

Email Domain

When we talk about an email hosting we properly saying the service provider oversees all of their clients' email functions while maintaining the reliability of the servers on which they are stored.

Having a professional email hosting allows you or your organization to have many personalized email addresses addressed as such yourname@companyname.com while providing flexibility to add as many email addresses as needed. Which might include held such as info@, sales@ and more.

When selecting an email hosting option, you can determine the storage space and file transfer capabilities you require. We at Graffik Addiktz (PTY) Ltd well provide you with email hosting service that provides you with personalized email accounts that can be managed by using Microsoft Outlook, Eudora or other desktop email programs.

Our upgrade versions email accounts also allow you to manage your email using a mobile device. How do you access this by clicking on buy product or view the product.